ArtiCULan – Art, Time, Culture and Language

ArtiCULan aims to set up a framework for artistic projects to offer children in CLIL and refugee classes the opportunity to create art. The main innovation of our approach is the integration of several artistic domains in one workshop. As we focus on arts education, cultural identity and qualitative interactions in our multilingual classrooms, learning outcomes will be important both for wellbeing and for the key competences. The project is based on interdisciplinary collaboration.


Artistic workshops will be developed with local schools in a design based approach. Artistic workshops will aid to develop close, responsive teacher-pupil relationships and a powerful learning environment, along with cognitively stimulating activities to foster foundational learning skills. Good practices will be developed in an international collaboration between teacher educators of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts PXL (Belgium), the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), the University of Porto (Portugal), the University of Istanbul (Turkey) and primary schools in the different participating countries. Lead partner: PXL (Belgium).


The project will evaluate if local evidence-based practices work in other European contexts. The project will strengthen the profile of in-service and pre-service teachers dealing with diversity in the classroom and will intensify the transformative potential of schools. The social cohesion and inclusion of multilingual children will convey positive perceptions, foster the ability to adapt to different cultures and create strong drivers for personal growth and shared identity. The main deliverable(s) of the project are: the design of a framework, a common assessment tool and good practices for interdisciplinary artistic workshops in multilingual classrooms of primary schools.