The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) is a young university founded in 1989 and placed in the Canary Islands (Spain), a cultural and geographical link between Europe, Africa and America. Despite its youth, it has become one of the top Spanish universities, especially in the field of Information Technologies and programs of international mobility, as well as scientific output. The ULPGC is a modern institution with a long academic track record, committed to quality, efficiency and modernity. It is composed of 21 academic, research and administrative centers. About 22.885 students are currently enrolled in 42 degrees, 18 masters and 18 doctorate programs. It amounts to 1630 research and teaching staff. In the research field it has 164 working groups, seven research institutes and 286 research projects.

The Faculty of Sciences Education offers Pre-school, Primary and Social studies and there is the following specialization: In Pre-school, English as a Foreign Language, Inclusive Education and Development of Creativity through Multiple Intelligences (Art, Music, Audiovisual and Language, while in Primary Education, we have English as a Foreign Language, Physical Education and Learning Diversity.

At the Faculty we have the department of Specific Didactics that is composed of a group of lecturers, professors and researchers belonging to different areas of expertise. All academic staff share their teaching and research activities in the field of Didactics. The department is divided into sub-areas, each of which corresponding to the Didactics of one specific field of knowledge. These fields are: Experimental Sciences, Social and Cultural Sciences, Arts, Music, Spanish Language and Literature, and Foreign Languages (English and French).

The area of expertise in arts is related to the creative work developed by the teachers of the Arts section of the Specific Didactics Department. Some of these aspects are a combination of their work as teachers at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and creative and research facet in the field of graphic arts and new technologies. The objectives in the area of higher education and within the specialty as teacher trainer of pre-school and primary school teachers, is for the students to be aware of the importance and necessity that visual arts and artistic languages acquire in such educational levels for the development and integral formation of the individual.