The University of Applied Sciences and Arts PXL in Hasselt (Belgium) is a young dynamic and vibrant organisation; a centre of expertise for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. PXL offers professional bachelor progammes in Business, Education, Healthcare, IT, Media&Tourism, Music, Social Work and Technology, and bachelor and master programmes in Arts.

The vision of PXL is summarized as the X-FACTOR. The X-factor is the central compass for all people who are involved in and with PXL. The X-factor integrates entrepreneurship&innovation, empathy&passion, (inter)national networking and (multi)disciplinary expertise. We want all students and employees to develop their X-factor in the best way possible.

To be able to train students by means of competence-aimed education, the business world contributes greatly to our education. This way of (co)operation stimulates to being ambitious and showing enterprise. Our university college works actively on her – and therefore also on your – network. Prominent figures from in and out of Limburg know and appreciate Hogeschool PXL because of this. We know our ways within provincial administration and governments. We are actively involved in consulting councils, the board of governors of different instances and organisations. This network guarantees your excellent (starting) position on the job market. The University of Applied Sciences PXL has a wide international network and agreements with international partner institutions all over the world.

PXL-Education: Proven expertise in multilingualism, early language learning, arts in foreign language education. Focus on research oriented learning, focus on the zone of proximal development and cross-curricular learning. PXL is pioneer when it comes to ‘technology enhanced learning‘ and entrepreneurship education. PXL has a rich experience of innovative use of ICT adding a new dimension to teaching. The main focuses are integrating tablets, flexible learning and MOOC‘s. All of this is done in close collaboration with primary and secondary schools.

PXL-MAD School of Arts: PXL-MAD (Media, Arts and Design) School of Arts offers study programs in the field of ‘Visual Arts’ on academic bachelor and master degree level. You can choose between jewellery Design, Gold- and Silversmithing (David Huycke), Reading Type and Typography (Ann Bessemans), Graphic Design and Fine Arts. PXL-MAD has a specific educational master program on visual arts and a there is a research institute on visual arts connected to Hasselt University. This unique network of researchers, artists and institutions enables the implementation of artistic research in education and service activities.

PXL-Music: Music is focused on  educating expressive and authentic musicians that colour the music scene in all its diversity. Pop music, together with visual arts, conceptual arts, movies, fashion, street arts, dance, choreography, … are typical expression forms of youth, to distinguish them from others or create solidarity (identity). These different forms of expression visualize a network of subcultures within a city. Music is a knowledge centre specialized in music and new technology and has a broad network within the music industry (pop punt, music clubs in all major cities) and with other art disciplines. Extensive network (also schools).