University Las Palmas de Gran Canaria collaborates with schools where teacher focus on arts education.

CEIP En Arucas

CEIP En Arucas is located in Arucas, a municipality in the northern part of the Gran Canaria island. It participates in different projects: audiovisuals, Erasmus+, and equality, among others. The school has creative spaces with active children´s involvement: maths space, the coffee shop run by the students where parents come at break time to have a snack. School has its own currency labelled Aruquito to be able to manage it as if they were in a bank, a haberdashery, a market, a robotics lab. Also, the library was created as a chill out space where to enjoy and share reading among students and teachers.  

Regarding media, they have their own radio (Aruquito radio) working on the whole editing process, searching news, doing interviews. Moreover, they have their own Youtube channel, Aprendiendo con Aruquito CEIP Arucas, a sample is the radio from the inside.

The classroom of the future, with movable furniture to change the layout, has different spaces for different methodological approaches: auditorium for discussion of topics, drama space, robotics, arts, Chroma key (a green-screen background).